At the forefront of Going Green in the Air Conditioning Maintenance Industry

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At the Forefront of Going Green

Our MD Michael Blow, has been in the chemical business for the past ten years. He and his team know and understand the needs of the men and women at the coalface.

O3 Chemicals

The Products You've Been Waiting For

Our consultant development chemists, who formulate our range are equally dedicated to the GOING GREEN campaign.


O3 Projects

If You Spend Most of Your Life at Work, do you....

Many organisations across South Africa have entrusted O3 Chemical with the task of ensuring that their ventilation systems are kept clean, in good order, and operating within the law.


O3 Chemicals

Going Green with MetraClark

Metraclark is at the forefront of the Going Green campaign, and accepts that it has a part to play in using it's many resources to help contractors everywhere to achieve GREEN status.


Energy Saving

Does Coil Cleaning save energy?

The short answer is yes, coil cleaning does save energy and it is worthwhile.


O3 Chemicals

Working to Make a Greener Planet

We are unashamedly supporters of the going GREEN campaign in the air conditioning industry, which is gaining momentum throughout the world.


O3 Chemicals

Smart Technology

Designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your coil cleaning contract..



The O3 Philosophy

Using the latest chemical technology, O3 has developed a range of coil and refrigeration cleaners, which are powerful, and yet non-corrosive. No matter how often they are used, they will never attack coils or fins, whether they are made from aluminium or copper.

Not only are they non-corrosive, but they also leave a protective film to help extend the life of the units on which they are applied. It is a given that they are concentrates, which can be diluted up to 15 times. We want our customers to be able to use them 24/7, so they are odourless too. They are also extremely cost-effective. And they qualify to be at the forefront of the GOING GREEN campaign.

Extensive Trials and Testing

Tests, trials, and evaluations of the O3 coil cleaning systems have been vigorously extensive in some of the toughest conditions in the world - in South Africa.

Every new customer we approached wanted to test the products for their specific applications. Apart from the commercial buildings, offices, and shopping malls, where they are applied during normal trading or business hours - without any need to take any extra precautions at all, and thereby saving huge amounts of overtime payouts.

O3 has been tested in hospitals without any cause or alarm for the patients' welfare.

They have been tested deep underground in coal mines, gold mines, platinum mines, and iron ore mines.

As well as refineries, oil rigs, airports, and in conference centres while the conferences were running. O3's performance was nothing less than stellar.

O3 has been vigorously tested under every type of trying condition where humans go to work.

Extreme heat and cold, very dry and dusty, and in the desert. There can hardly be another way to try them, except in space.

We doubt that any other coil cleaning chemicals have ever undergone such rigorous testing.

Air Flow Improvements

The improvement in air flow achieved by O3 in buildings throughout South Africa is fast becoming legendary:

  • 121% at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.
  • 73% at Menlyn Park Shopping Mall in Pretoria.
  • 25% at the gigantic shopping mall Gateway in Umhlanga Rocks. This resulted in a saving of R180,000 per month in energy bills. The cost of chemicals to the contractor? R55000 per year.
  • 27% at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.
  • 28% at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.
  • 213% at East Rand Galleria in Boksburg.

In Your Building

Many organisations across South Africa have entrusted O3 with the task of ensuring their ventilation systems are kept clean, in good order, operating at maximum efficiency, and that their indoor air quality is all that it should be... Clean and fresh smelling.