O3 Chemicals at the Forefront of GOING GREEN in Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration Maintenance across South Africa

O3 Chemicals is the only South African chemical manufacturing company which is at the forefront of the GOING GREEN campaign.
We accept that we have a role to play in using our many resources to help Property Owners, Facilities Managers, and Contractors everywhere to achieve
GREEN status in the Aircon and Refrigeration maintenance industry.

Eliminate Mould & Bacteria in Air Conditioning Systems with the New O3 Formula

You can’t kill mould. But you can remove it by eliminating the food on which it exists in an aircon system.

Benifit from our New-Formulation O3 Air Conditioner Cleaning Range.

To effectively combat these conditions, O3 Chemicals has upped its game!

We have re-formulated three of our O3 Chemical products for the AHU market, and two specialist O3 products for HVACs/split units, designed specifically to combat the threat of mould in air conditioner units.

Find out more about our new range and the best application method,
for the best results.

The O3 Philosophy - Your First Line of Defence

Using the latest chemical technology, O3 has developed a range of coil and refrigeration cleaners, which are powerful, and yet non-corrosive. No matter how often they are used, they will never attack coils or fins, whether they are made from aluminium or copper. Not only are they non-corrosive, but they also leave a protective film to help extend the life of the units on which they are applied. It is a given that they are concentrates, which can be diluted up to 15 times.

We have added a fresh fragrance to our chemicals to offset the unpleasant smell which results from a coil cleaning opeartion, when O3 removes the dirt and contaminants, together with the mould, bacteria, and fungus.

They are extremely cost-effective. And they qualify to be at the forefront of the GOING GREEN campaign.


Pre-Mixed AHU And Chiller Cleaning Chemicals.
Designed to meet a Facilities Manager’s greatest demands, and a Contractor’s abilities to achieve them.

O3 Chemicals Projects Portfolio

O3 Chemicals In Action. In some of the biggest and most prestigous properties in South Africa...

O3 Smart Tech for Contractors

Designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your coil cleaning contract...

O3 Integrated Technology

A Real-Time System for contractors, facility managers and property owners with our
O3 Digital Tracking and Record Maintenance

Energy Saving with O3 Chemicals

Does Coil Cleaning save energy?
The short answer is yes. Find how, here...


Water doesn't clean. If water cleaned we wouldn’t need soap in our shower or bath...

Extensive Trials and Testing

O3 Chemicals' products have been tested deep underground in mines, as well as refineries, oil rigs, airports, and in conference centres . . .

Facts about Air-Con Systems

The presence of mould in an air conditioning system is a common complaint. Mould is a sneaky little bugger. . .

Complete HVAC Cleaning Solution Launched. . .

Known for our Green Drive, O3 Chemicals have developed a system that provides contractors in the sector the platform and tools to take control of their entire maintenance operations.

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