Benefit from Going Green with O3 Chemicals

O3 Chemicals is the only South African chemical manufacturing company, which is at the forefront of the GOING GREEN campaign. It accepts it has a role to play in using its many resources to help Property Owners, Facilities Managers, and Contractors everywhere to achieve GREEN status.

Apart from the new chemicals we have formulated, we have developed A New Way to Apply the O3 Products. 

We reasoned if we could get enough pressure when applying the O3 chemicals to penetrate right through a coil without damaging it, we could more easily remove contaminants bearing mould, bacteria and fungi. We tested many compressors, but always found immediately we started spraying the chemical onto an AHU, or HVAC, the compressor pressure would drop alarmingly. We finally had a breakthrough when we discovered the latest Trade Air oil-free, silent compressors, which, unlike ordinary compressors, maintain their set pressure throughout the length of a clean.

They have also enabled us to introduce new cleaning techniques, which are hugely cost-effective, and far more efficient compared to the normal method of applying the chemicals with a garden pressure pump, and a hosepipe to rinse off. Instead, they reduce cleaning times dramatically, and enable the technicians to limit the amount of water required to rinse off a chemical to a few litres – in the case of HVACs no tap water at all. An example of an AHU clean:

On a recent clean, where the AHU measured 3m x 2m, we used a 50 litre Twin-Head Trade Air silent compressor, set at 5-bar pressure. We applied O3 GREEN in a 1:1 dilution. The constant pressure from the compressor allowed us to clean right through the coil, without having to clean from the reverse side as well. Because of this consistency in spreading the chemical onto the coil, we used just 2½ litres of chemical instead of the normal 10 litres we would have expected.

We were also able to clean the coil from start to finish in just 2 hours, including taking before and after airflow readings, as well as before and after pictures – a huge saving in time. Most importantly of all, we rinsed off using the compressor instead of the standard 20mm hosepipe. A hosepipe of that diameter pumps out 80 litres of water per minute.

To rinse off an AHU 3m x 2m would have taken 30-35 minutes, using approximately 2500 litres of water! We carefully measured the quantity we used when rinsing down with the compressor, and it was less than 20 litres! A massive saving of that precious commodity. We also achieved a 20% improvement in before and after air flows. In addition, there was no mess to clean up after the clean.

We asked Air Tek Air Conditioning in Cape Town to carry out the trials for us over a 4 month period. They service many thousands of HVACs. They used the 24 litre Trade Air silent compressor set at 1 bar. Among their clients are several Banks, none of which allows servicing of their HVACs at night. The silent compressors were ideal for cleaning units in the banking halls during Bank hours, without disturbing their clients.

They applied our new O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish chemicals to clean the HVACS, without removing the units from the walls. (The only time they removed a unit was to clean the barrel fan at the back.) Even then, they didn’t have to remove the fan to clean it. Think about it – no broken clips, and no broken fans). The HVACs were left in pristine condition in less than 20 minutes. They only required miniscule quantities of chemicals to do the job.

And no tap water at all! Air Tek have now equipped all their teams with the 24 litre Trade Air silent compressors. They are confident they will see an improvement in their bottom line, and, above all, keep their customers happy with their new levels of cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean?

AHU’s:  We have always recommended AHUs should be cleaned 4 times per annum. The first clean should be done using O3 GREEN or O3 Alkaline D in a 1:1 dilution. Before and after air flow readings are essential to monitor the effectiveness of the clean. Thereafter a clean should be done every three months using a 1:15 dilution of either chemical. Again air flow readings must be taken. We also strongly advocate the taking of before and after pictures, using a smartphone or tablet.

HVAC’s:  In offices with high volume of people traffic, and call centres, we recommend 4 times per annum. In homes, we recommend a contractor should service the unit twice per annum – once in Autumn before the onslaught of Winter, and the second time in Spring. The Owner can carry out a simple clean monthly, using O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish1-litre spray bottles.

FILTERS:  Filters play an important role in reducing mould development in an AHU or HVAC. They should always be kept in pristine condition.

AHU Filters:  We believe filters servicing food outlets in a shopping mall should be cleaned at least every 8 weeks. Filters in AHUs servicing line shops should be changed every 12 weeks. Do not wash with water. Water doesn’t clean, and the residue moisture on the filter after the clean with water, attracts mould, bacteria, and fungi. Rather use O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish to do the clean.

HVAC’s Filters:  High-density areas such as call-centres, and large open-plan offices should be replaced every month. In homes preferably every month, but not less than every 2 months.

Where can you buy a "TradeAir" Compressor?

The Trade Air compressors can be bought at Makro, Takealot, and many other similar retailers. However, we place so much importance on this method of cleaning AHUs and HVACs that O3 has decided to offer the compressors as part of our programme. We believe our prices are lower than the competition. We are keen for the Contractors to recover the cost of the machines in a matter of months, while delivering a far higher standard of cleaning for their clients.

The Trade Air compressors will guarantee Property Owners, and Facilities Managers will achieve more cost-effective, and more efficient results from their contracts.

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