O3 Chemicals Smart Finish

O3 introduces another South African first.

O3 SmartAir, and O3 SmartFinish: Powerful, new generation, new technology, non-corrosive chemicals, specifically designed to be used in tandem to remove health-threatening mould, bacteria and fungi in HVACs leaving them in a sanitised condition. No water is required, and they can be applied without removing the HVA C from the wall.

How Often Should You Clean and Sanitise?

HVACS:  In offices, call centres, and high volumes of people traffic, we recommend 4 times per annum. In homes we recommend a contractor should service the unit twice per annum – once in Autumn before the onslaught of Winter, and the second time in Spring. The Owner can carry out a simple clean and sanitising monthly, using O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish1-litre spray bottles.

Discover how Airtech uses our Air-conditioning, mid-wall-split and refrigeration cleaning programme.

AirTech, in the Western Province, is at the forefront of the GOING GREEN campaign, and uses O3 SmartAir and 03 Smart Finish.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet for this Product.

O3 SmartFinish 1 litre Prices with Discounts

Case orders may be mixed, for example: 1 case O3 SmartAir +1 case O3 SmartFinish to make up a 2 case order. Or 1 case O3 SmartAir + 1 case O3 SmartFinish + 1 case O3 GREEN + 1 case O3 Alkaline D + 1 Case O3 Bio Degreaser for a 5 case order. Mix them as you please.

  • Order 2 cases (24 bottles) and receive a 7.5% discount for R1233
  • Order 5 cases (60 bottles) and receive a 10% discount for R2916
  • Order 10 cases (120 bottles) and receive a 12.5% discount for R5513

Where can you buy a "TradeAir" Compressor?

The Trade Air compressors can be bought at Makro, Takealot, and many other similar retailers. However, we place so much importance on this method of cleaning AHUs and HVACs that O3 has decided to offer the compressors as part of our programme. We believe our prices are lower than the competition. We are keen for the Contractors to recover the cost of the machines in a matter of months, while delivering a far higher standard of cleaning for their clients.

The Trade Air compressors will guarantee Property Owners, and Facilities Managers will achieve more cost-effective, and more efficient results from their contracts.

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