The O3 Chemicals GREEN I.T. Programme for Contractors

Launched 4 years ago, it has now developed to a point where it has allowed us to come up with IT solutions to the everyday problems encountered by the 3 partners in any air con maintenance contract – namely the Owner, the Facilities Manager, and the Contractor.

The benefits of the O3 I.T. GREEN Contractors Programme are:

For the Owner

  • An in-depth, continuous check to ensure the terms and conditions of their contracts are adhered to throughout the life of the warranty.
  • The O3 IT GREEN programme ensures the air con units are kept in pristine condition throughout the life of the air con maintenance contract.
  • The O3 chemicals are specifically designed to remove dirt and contaminants such as health-threatening mould, bacteria and fungi in AHUs, and HVACs.
  • They are competitively priced, and in their 1:15 dilution cost less than R40 per 5 litre bottle.
  • They are non-corrosive and will not damage any air con unit on which they are applied.
  • The programme is designed to extend the life of the air con units on which the chemicals are used.
  • A clean unit ensures that there is a comprehensive saving in energy costs
  • A huge reduction in water consumption. In the case of O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish – no tap water consumption at all.
  • A dramatic reduction in downtime.
  • A timed and dated picture feedback on the state of the unit after each clean.
  • For the Facilities Manager
    The O3 IT GREEN programme enables the Facilities Manager to monitor every detail of the cleaning programme from his office desk.

    The mandatory ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures, taken by the on-site technician, will give a clear view of the state of the unit.

  • The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ air flow readings are the best possible way to gauge the health of the unit. They will also be an indicator of the health of the unit.
  • On mid-wall splits, consols, cassettes, hideaways, and condensors, the required “before” and “after” pictures will give a clear indication of the health of the units. The pictures are timed and dated too, which removes any doubt about whether a clean took place or not.
  • The chemical budget established by the O3 IT GREEN programme give a clear indication of the annual costs of chemicals required to complete the cleaning programme.
  • It allows the Facilities Manager to monitor whether the correct quantities of chemicals are being purchased to meet the requirements of any clean.
  • The graphs provided by the programme enables the Facilities Manager to easily monitor the required monthly cleans are carried out by the Contractor on time, and cost-effectively.
  • Experience has shown this is a prime requirement to ensure the required number of monthly cleans are carried out as prescribed in the contract. Without this check, the Contractor is at liberty to skip cleaning units if he runs out of time. If nothing else, this check alone is worth having the O3 IT GREEN programme.
  • Although Skype is not included in the programme, it can be used by the Technician on his Smartphone to conference call the Facilities Manager and the Contractor for an immediate decision on any on-site problem, without the Facilities Manager or the Contractor leaving their desks.
  • The O3 IT GREEN programme ensures the cleaning of the unit is carried out efficiently and cost-effectively
  • For the Contractor

  • He will be required to use only O3 chemicals, which can be purchased at any of our distributors’ branches – or direct from Avondale Marketing – T’s and C’s apply
  • The O3 IT PGREEN Programme is designed to adapt a Contractor’s current admin and Technicians day-to-day systems, and seamlessly update them to a programme, which will eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and streamline the way his business operates.
  • Every Contractor must update his operational programmes to enable him to compete with opposition Companies, who are already using new IT technology.
  • The O3 IT GREEN programme is simple to operate – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist – but if you are to compete in today’s tough climate, you must reduce overheads and general operating costs. That’s what this programme will do for you.
  • All it requires to commence the setting up is a smartphone, and the downloading of our programme.
  • To help you even further, we will give you a 3-month trial while we adapt your programmes to the O3 IT GREEN programme. You can then run your programme in tandem with the O3 programme.
  • The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures taken by the technician at every clean give the Contractor a valuable feedback on how well the technician is carrying out the clean, as well as proof the clean has been done.
  • The airflow readings we require are a marvellous selling point when showing your clients how well you have performed.
  • The O3 IT GREEN programme assists him to establish a 12-month chemical budget for O3 chemicals for any unit. This includes the required 1:1 dilution clean, and the three consequent 1:15 cleans. It ensures the Contractor carries only the stock required to do a particular clean.
  • The pictures are also a vital report on the health of the unit. The programme allows him to easily compare the results after each clean.
  • Furthermore, the readings allow him to monitor the percentage.
  • improvements in air flow, which in turn enables him to easily see if there is a problem area in the system.
  • The use of O3 chemicals will ensure a dramatic reduction in downtime.
  • The new O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish cleaners will allow the Contractor to clean mid-wall splits, condensors, consols, cassettes, and hideaways quickly and efficiently – a huge saving in time.
  • The O3 SmartAir and O3 SmartFinish cleaners will help him dramatically reduce energy costs for his client.
  • It will eliminate any use of water for the service.
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