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Water doesn’t clean.
If water cleaned, we wouldn’t need soap in our shower or bath. Would we?
So why use water to clean aircons?

O3 Chemicals has successfully been running waterless coil-cleaning programmes in many sites throughout the country.

Not only have we cleaned HVACs and splits (including restoring barrel fans to mint condition without removing them) consoles, cassettes and condensors. The O3 methodology halves cleaning times, reduces chemical costs by 60% and eliminates water consumption.

When cleaning AHUs and chillers surprisingly the savings are even more impressive.
Cleaning times are reduced dramatically, the powerful concentrated GREEN chemicals are designed to remove mould and bacteria on contact, all of which the result in reducing the cost of a chemical clean to less than half of that, when cleaning with water only.

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The Benefit to Property Owners

The benefit to property owners of eliminating water is easily measurable. In addition, clean aircon units play an important role in higher energy ratings.

Below is a spreadsheet of a comparative cost of cleaning a 3m x 2m coil using chemicals versus water only. The costs are based on Johannesburg water rates.

We have included showing in the chart, the amortization of using the latest compressor technology.

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We welcome the opportunity to do an on-site demo of all these new cleaning techniques.
Give us a call on 083 232 3000 (Dave) / 084 500 0213 (Mike)

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